About Brick Head Builder

I am a professional web developer by day, and I am also a LEGO enthusiest.

Originally I had created the Custom Christmas Tree Builder for the 2013 Holidays. Unfortunately I was not able to finish it very long before the 2013 Holidays had come and gone...

However, all of the initial work for the Christmas Tree Builder led me to ideas for other custom mosaic builders.

After the 2013 Holidays the Brick Head Builder was born. Some of the code from the Christmas Tree Builder was re-used for the Brick Head Builder, but much of it needed to be created from scratch, as the two mosaic builders are fundamentally different in many ways. The way in which the Brick Head Builder was designed will make it easier to create additional custom mosaic builders.

Over time, we hope to bring you many more custom mosaic builders, but for now, please enojy the Brick Head Builder!

If you would like, you can contact me directly at:

For general questions, comments, suggestions please contact us, or you can leave them below: