Stop Sign

Stop Sign LEGO mosaic

This is a standard traffic STOP sign contained in a red octagon shape

216 Pieces

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0070-02 Rail Road Sign

0070-02 Rail Road Sign LEGO mosaic

Here is a classic yellow Railroad Crossing sign. Complete with the X across the middle, and two R's

229 Pieces

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Basic #2 Pencil

Basic #2 Pencil LEGO mosaic

Here is a Basic #2 Pencil mosaic with a standard pink eraser

42 Pieces

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Robot LEGO mosaic

Here is a small blue robot with a large gauge in the center

151 Pieces

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Easter Bunny Face

Easter Bunny Face LEGO mosaic

You are going to need a couple pink pieces for the nose of this Easter Bunny! White, or Red might work instead

194 Pieces

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Easter Basket

Easter Basket LEGO mosaic

There are six colored eggs of the Easter Basket

257 Pieces

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Easter Egg Checkered

Easter Egg Checkered LEGO mosaic

Here is an Easter Egg divided into 8 sections, and with a blue and yellow checkered design

288 Pieces

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Easter Egg

Easter Egg LEGO mosaic

A large Easter Egg filled with yellow, blue, and green stripes!

229 Pieces

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Four Leaf Clover

Four Leaf Clover LEGO mosaic

Similar to the Shamrock which was released a few weeks ago, except now with four leafs!

174 Pieces

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Dollar Sign

Dollar Sign LEGO mosaic

The Dollar Sign symbol with a small shadow effect

124 Pieces

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Leprechaun under a Rainbow

Leprechaun under a Rainbow LEGO mosaic

A unique picture of a Leprechaun holding a rainbow

269 Pieces

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Shamrock LEGO mosaic

A blue background was chosen for this green shamrock using lime edge highlights

177 Pieces

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Olympic Rings

Olympic Rings LEGO mosaic

A small mosaic of the colored Olympic symbol, including the blue, black, yellow, and green rings

67 Pieces

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Pot of Gold

Pot of Gold LEGO mosaic

You can hope to find this pot of gold at the end of a rainbow

231 Pieces

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Valentine Heart - Be Mine

Valentine Heart - Be Mine LEGO mosaic

A Traditional Be Mine Heart for your loved one this Valentine's Day

105 Pieces

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Despicable Minion

Despicable Minion LEGO mosaic

A Minion from the Despicable Me movies. Disclaimer: All Copyrights & Trademarks are property of their respective owners.

170 Pieces

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Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake LEGO mosaic

Happy Birthday! This is a 2 layered birthday cake complete with 7 candles

349 Pieces

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New Years 2014 - Fireworks

New Years 2014 - Fireworks LEGO mosaic

One large firework is at the center of this display for the new year

143 Pieces

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Christmas - Holly

Christmas - Holly LEGO mosaic

A simple Holly mosaic with room to expand for further decoration

68 Pieces

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Christmas - Wreath

Christmas - Wreath LEGO mosaic

A holiday wreath with large and small gold ornaments, and a large red bow

225 Pieces

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Christmas - Stocking Tree

Christmas - Stocking Tree LEGO mosaic

A Christmas tree with snow falling all around decorate this Christmas stocking

131 Pieces

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Christmas - Stocking Decorations

Christmas - Stocking Decorations LEGO mosaic

Colorful snowflakes cover this stocking all around

153 Pieces

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Christmas - Stocking Striped

Christmas - Stocking Striped LEGO mosaic

It takes a lot of small red and white bricks to create this striped Christmas stocking

200 Pieces

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Christmas - Large Peppermint

Christmas - Large Peppermint LEGO mosaic

This Large Peppermint mosaic fills an entire base plate, and contains both green and red stripes

211 Pieces

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Christmas - Peppermint Candy

Christmas - Peppermint Candy LEGO mosaic

A peppermint candy with green and red stripes, wrapper edges, and yellow ribbons

156 Pieces

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Christmas - Candy Canes

Christmas - Candy Canes LEGO mosaic

The Christmas - Candy Canes mosaic displays both red and green candy canes, wrapped together with a red bow

198 Pieces

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Christmas - Nutcracker

Christmas - Nutcracker LEGO mosaic

Here is a traditional style nutcracker figure made from basic bricks

73 Pieces

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Christmas - Gingerbread Man

Christmas - Gingerbread Man LEGO mosaic

A favorite holiday treat, with a bow tie, and two buttons!

137 Pieces

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Christmas - Snowflake

Christmas - Snowflake LEGO mosaic

This snowflake has 8 points, and displays a more open view

105 Pieces

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Christmas - Star Snowflake

Christmas - Star Snowflake LEGO mosaic

This snowflake has 6 points, and comes in the shape of a star

91 Pieces

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